Advanced Tenant Management Solution

Xpandmall is an innovative and comprehensive mall management solution designed to revolutionize the way shopping centers operate.  

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Sales and Customer Behavior Analysis

Xpandmall automatically collects and analyzes data from tenants’ sales and combines it with valuable customer behavior insights. This feature provides shopping centers with a deep understanding of customer preferences and buying patterns, enabling data-driven decision-making.

Customer Retention and Revenue Growth


With Xpandmall, shopping centers can implement targeted strategies to retain customers, boost tenants’ revenue, and ultimately increase the mall’s profitability. By understanding customer needs and preferences, malls can curate personalized shopping experiences.

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International Patented Technology

Xpandmall incorporates cutting-edge technology with confirmed international novelty, ensuring that shopping centers stay ahead of the competition and access the most advanced tools for effective mall management.

Mall Manager Created Solution


Xpandmall captures and analyzes a wide range of data within the mall environment, focusing on the customer path to purchase from the mall entrance to the point of sale (POS) of tenants. This holistic approach provides valuable insights into customer journeys and behavior.

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Comprehensive Data Analysis

Developed by experienced mall and asset managers, Xpandmall is built to address the specific challenges faced by shopping centers. The platform offers tailored solutions that cater to the unique requirements of each mall.

Detailed Hourly Sales Data


Xpandmall provides granular hourly sales data, down to each item in a customer’s bill. This level of detail helps prevent problems with tenants, enhances tenant mix, and allows malls to estimate the impact of marketing events accurately.



Automated Data Integration

Xpandmall seamlessly uploads and processes data from tenants’ POS machines, streamlining the data collection process and ensuring accuracy and reliability in reporting.

Fraud Control


By preventing tenants from underreporting sales data to manipulate rental rates, Xpandmall ensures fair and transparent profit-sharing mechanisms between the mall and its tenants.

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Enhanced Tenant Management

Make better decisions in various areas of tenant management, including tenant-mix and concept, fair conditions and negotiations, and proactive measures to prevent losses.

Operational Efficiency


Reduce the time spent on reporting and analysis, minimize the influence of human factors and personal opinions, and automate various processes based on data.

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Data-Driven Marketing Strategies

Xpandmall maximizes the efficiency of marketing spends by providing accurate measurements of marketing initiatives. Shopping centers can implement data-driven marketing strategies to achieve favorable outcomes and better understand the impact of their marketing efforts.

Decision-Support System


Xpandmall serves as a powerful decision-support system for shopping centers, offering actionable insights and valuable information to help optimize mall operations and drive success.

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