Tenant Management Solution for Malls

Automatic tenant revenue management system for malls and shopping centers powered by MallSense.

Collects and analyzes tenants’ sales and combines this information with customer behavior data, which helps to retain customers and increase mall profit.

Capture Sales Data directly from Tenant POS

Tenant Management System

Xpandmall is a SaaS-based solution revolutionizing the way malls track tenant sales. If you’re a mall owner with tenants on profit-sharing rent agreements, this is the system you need. Mall managers currently rely on error-prone Excel reports from tenants, leading to inaccurate sales data and reduced revenue sharing. Xpandmall changes the game by providing precise and reliable sales figures, ensuring correct profit sharing and preventing under-reporting by tenants.

With Xpandmall advanced AI algorithm you can identify issues like missing cheques and prolonged sales pauses, guaranteeing data integrity and accuracy. Our solution offers comprehensive analytics, including predictive analysis, data comparison, and an intuitive dashboard for easy data visualization.

WiFi Analytics & Sales Data Capturing

WiFi Analytics utilize a customer captive portal – a login page used to collect customer information – to support highly effective marketing campaigns. This allows malls to gather customer data, such as email addresses and demographics, so that they can create targeted promotions and offers, boosting customer loyalty and sales.

Meanwhile, sales data capturing can help malls collect and record the quantity of products sold, the price of each product, the date and time of the transaction, further assisting in sales optimization.

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The benefits of Xpandmall sales data analytics


Increase revenue by leveraging the data that drives your business


Gain an understanding of shoppers' motivations, interests and behaviors


Gain competitive market intelligence and an edge against competitors


Develop strategies based on real-time data from all areas of your store or mall


Gain detailed reports on customer demographics and traffic patterns


Optimize mall layout, store positioning and digital signage according to real-time analytics

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TrackSense (WiFi Analytics)

Understand the structure of footfall with advanced Smartphone and WiFi tracking.

TrafficSense (People Counting)

Count at entrances and zones with high people density. Get Data accuracy of over 98% with AI-powered algorithms.

CheckSense (Data Capturing)

Automatic data capturing system which requires no hardware, all receipts including online transactions automatically uploaded to the cloud.

VideoSense (MVP)

All data analytics on existing infrastructure require just remote set-up.

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See an increase in malls revenue thanks to tenants’ sales fraud analysis.


Increase in tenant sales in shopping centers thanks to detailed sales data and performance analysis.


Helps mall management save thousands of dollars with faster analysis time.








Our Clients

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“Xpandretail has provided Beside Group with clear measurements and focus on hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and YTD footfall and conversion rates. This has allowed us operationally to identify opportunities and take appropriate action such as improved staff scheduling by hour, amending of trading hours and focusing the store teams with measurable results.” Beside Group
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With Xpandmall a powerful sales data capture solution, you can improve mall performance and optimize tenant’s revenue. Without any effort, automatically collect and evaluate tenant sales data from the POS systems.

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