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Automate Tenant Sales Data Capturing

Xpandmall is an advanced tenant revenue management tool that assists mall managers in automatically collecting and analyzing tenant sales data directly from the POS system. Our AI-powered solution offers detailed hourly sales data, including individual items on each bill that helps to prevent problems with tenants on profit sharing. It also helps in improving tenant mix and estimating the impact of various marketing events at the mall.


Accurate People Counting and Data Analytics

Our solution uses cutting-edge technology to collect precise consumer footfall data. This data is further refined to estimate customer distribution like gender, adult or child, staff and more. The provided dashboard is equipped to identify problematic areas, reveal high-traffic hotspots, and analyze the conversion of mall visitors into individual tenant visitors.

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Analyze Customer Behavior

Our innovative solution gathers comprehensive data that goes beyond traditional people counting and sales data metrics. By harnessing this cutting-edge technology, a mall owner can easily enrich their insights into customer behavior within the mall. Our solution allows you to track cross-visits between tenants which can help you identify synergistic opportunities for businesses within the same floors and strategize marketing efforts effectively.


Improve Efficiency and Tenant Management

Xpandmall can help you streamline your reporting and analytical procedures. Automate various time consuming operations using data-driven approaches. Implement tenant categorization based on their business type to enable the mall to identify revenue and customer behavior trends across different categories, facilitating data-driven decision-making.

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100% Secure with User-Based Access

With user-based access, you can keep your important data safe and 100% secured. Mall managers can assign different levels of access to different users, ensuring that only authorized management members or dicrctors have access to essential information.

Boost Tenants' Sales & Elevate Mall Revenue

Xpandmall, powered by MallSense, empowers you to capture and analyze various types of data within a mall, with a primary focus on understanding the customer's path to purchase, from the mall entrance to the point of sale (POS) at tenants' stores.

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With Xpandmall boost your mall’s revenue to new heights by utilizing our cutting-edge tenant revenue management solution.


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